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Jarvis sports club


About Jarvis sports club

Jarvis sports club was established in 1986 and continues to be funded by members.
The club’s mission is to provide an athlete the opportunity to develop the skills needed for a growth in soccer and to inspire each player to develop a lifelong enjoyment with each game played from kids to adult level. Jarvis club strive to encourage the development of each player’s individual abilities and teach the importance of commitment, good sportsmanship, teamwork, respect for self and others and encourage players to learn from both winning and losing as there is always room for Improvement.

YaSmiles & Jarvis sports club

Terms & Conditions

How to Earn Gift cards

1. Jarvis family registering with YaSmiles Dental Clinic and completing a treatment would be eligible for earning the gift card.

2. Dental consultation do not qualify for a gift card and are specially excluded.

3. YaSmiles teaming up with Jarvis Sports club for the offer valid until Dec 31st 2019.

4. Members with no dental plans would be eligible for  other offers and are exempted  from this offer.

YaSmiles  staff would be happy to assist you , if you have any questions.

5. Ya Smiles strictly reserves the right to refuse the reward if there is any dispute    at  any circumstances.

Offer Valid till Aug 31,2019


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